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A Virtual Office defined consists of what?

A Virtual Office physical address that offers services to businesses not located onsite; as a result, companies can do business virtually from anywhere. The services include a physical address with mail receiving and forwarding; and lastly a receptionist staff.

Can I add another company to my account?

All Virtual Office and Phone Answering agreements that BSSI enters into are strictly bilateral. The agreement is not between individuals with multiple companies but rather ONLY between two companies. The agreements cannot be assigned to another company. If a client company has a DBA, you must provide proof of the local Fictitious Name filing. BSSI is not responsible for any services being performed by any other individuals or entities except named in the Agreement. Add another company by contacting us. Here are links to view our BBB A+ Rating and to contact us.

Can I do a mail pickup?

Mail pickup? Absolutely yes, during regular weekday office hours. We will email you when we receive mail for you. If you have not heard from us please call to be sure you have mail so you don’t waste time coming into the office.

Can I get listed with the local 411?

Yes, our staff can have your assigned phone number and business address listed with the local 411. A one-time setup fee and monthly listing charges apply.

Can I use a Private Office or Conference Room when I need it?

We provide private Private Office or Conference Room space for one-on-one interviews or a large space for meeting area. Our facilities are available on a reservation basis subject to location and availability; furthermore, to review rates and availability please contact us at: 888-909-2774.

Do you accept parcels and couriers?

We do accept parcels and couriers. We accept United Postal Service, Federal Express and other Couriers envelopes and packets (business documents). Our company is unable to accept any item exceeding 10 pounds in weight or larger then 11-7/8 x 13-5/8. We also do not accept any item that contains any dangerous, live or perishable good. A simpler answer is we do accept parcels and couriers.

How Can I Conduct Business Virtually?

A virtual office creates all the location and service needs for companies Conduct Business Virtually. First, a local business address with mail receiving and forwarding services; as a result, meeting all marketing and correspondence requirements. Second, a local phone number with a staff of receptionists to answer all your calls. Lastly, use of an onsite conference room, fax and copy machine (location dependent). Here are links to view our BBB A+ Rating and to contact us.

How is this applicable to Business Licensing?

Clients can use our address for their business address for local business license requirements. The clients industry must be permitted for our location through the local business licensing authorities. Further, for business requirements refer to the city’s local licensing authority. Finally, ere are links to view our BBB A+ Rating and to contact us.

How mail forwarding works?

How mail forwarding works starts with a mail forwarding schedule. The customers mail is forwarded through placing their unopened into an envelope or packet then mailed to a destination the customer provided previously. We do not forward 3rd class mail. 3rd class mail defined as advertising and addressed to resident or occupant. Unless you specify on the Mail Handling Privileges form 3rd class mail will not be sent to you. Time sensitive mail can be adjusted to a different schedule if customer gives us a 24 hour notice.

Mail Receiving Service Agencies must get a USPS Form 1583 from clients?

Mail receiving service agencies like BSSI Virtual Office should be 100% dedicated to have all clients fill out the USPS form 1583. We are registered with the USPS as a commercial mail receiving agency (CMRA). Therefore we can receive mail on our customers behalf. When a company signs up for mail receiving usually as part of a business address package the service provider must be a CMRA.

A USPS application must be completed and submitted to USPS by a company in order to be a CMRA. BSSI Virtual Office has filled this application out so our customers will be compliant with the USPS. 

This is the USPS Form 1583: The form can be viewed by clicking this link.

Then you can notarized online by viewing the video tutorial on YouTube through this link.

Virtual Office sign-up process?

Virtual office sign-up is a simple process that get you professionally through purchasing a virtual office package. Visit our website and purchase a Virtual Office package for your desired location using our secure eCommerce process. 

After you go through the process of a Virtual office sign-up . An email from us will follow your purchase with your service agreement, and forms. For packages including a business address we will also include the US Postal Service Form 1583 in the email. Your account will be in process of final setup once you return all completed documents.

What is a Business Address for Mail service?

A physical location for clients businesses for USPS sending and receiving letters and packages. Clients use our business address for marketing; as a result, providing a professional image.

What is Courier Package receipt?

Federal Express, UPS, etc. envelopes and packages are received by our staffed location. Size and weight (no more than 10 lbs) restrictions. Courier Package receipt is our employees signing for your packages.

What is Free Mail Pickup?

You can visit our location during office hours to pick up mail in person. Free Mail Pickup is part of our suite of services.

What is Mail Forwarding?

Clients detail specifications for mail forwarding on the Mail Handling Specifications Form; as a result, we can send when requested to the client. Additional charges apply.

What types of businesses use virtual offices?

Businesses use virtual offices from small to large organization. Small businesses use virtual offices to keep cost low; as a result have more cashflow. The traveling business professionals can have access great office space. And lastly, the start-up and expanding businesses are both can use the flexibility of low cost and while growing.


Virtual Solutions - FAQ

Virtual Solutions, Location ServicesThis FAQ section is to help our website visitors get quick answers to many common questions. We have been providing Virtual Office: Business Address, Mail Service and Phone Answering since 2007. After years of business and thousands of clients both in Las Vegas, NV and New York City our company BSSI Virtual Office has a wide spectrum of experience.

Our sales a support team is always available to speak about our services. We believe that answering the phone is a very important daily commitment. To sum up, our staff understands how prospects and clients value a staff that answers the phone. Once we answer the phone we listen to concerns and provide answers to questions.

We encourage anyone interested in a virtual office to read through the below information by using our All Questions tab or drill down using the other categories. Virtual Offices, Live Answering, Auto Answering and Support categories are created to simplify your experience. We are very passionate about we we do; as a result, our staff  achieved an BBB A+ Rating. If you have any further questions that you do not find on the list please feel free to submit a questions or contact us.


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