What happens to my calls after 5 PM?

Calls after 5 PM can be forwarded by using Direct Call Connect service; as a result, the customer receives the after hour calls. Another option is to have auto-attendant handle the call. After the auto greeting the callers will be prompted to choose from the dialing options. The caller will be directed to a voicemail box. Then the message will be sent vial email to the customer.

What if I go over my purchased block of calls on my account?

A charge of 1$ per call is applied for each call that surpasses the purchased bundled amount. There are no rollover calls but if surpassing the allotted bundle amount the customer has two options. First, purchase a block of additional calls mid-month at the discounted amount. Second, upgrade the monthly call bundle that is assigned to that account. These options allow for the customer to take advantage of discounted rates real-time.

What is an Additional Voicemail Box?

Every phone answering package comes with one voicemail box. Each voicemail box comes with seven dialing extensions. You can add up to 5 voicemail boxes for a fee. Lastly, An additional voicemail box comes with an additional 6 extensions.

What is Direct Call to Cell (DCC)?

Direct Call to Cell is when the customer provides a phone number that we can forward their calls to. We then assign a telephone number that is routed directly to that number off-system the customer. Usually these calls are routed to a mobile phone.

What is Live Answering?

As for BSSI we have two live answering package options, additionally, numerous ala carte (add-on) services. The first package is Standard Live Answering where the receptionist takes a message from the caller and emails (text messaging available) the message to the business. Second package is Live Premium which the receptionist screens the call and proceeds per your instruction. BSSI Live Answering business hours are weekdays 9am to 5pm local time (except holidays; refer to Closure List).

What is Text Message Notification to Cell Phone?

Text Message Notification allows customers to receive text messages from our receptionists to their mobile phone. Our receptionists answer calls on behalf of your company then forward the message via text. Only applicable to live answering service packages.

What is Voicemail to Email?

Voicemail to email is when our phone system emails phone message files(.wav) to you. First, a phone message is left for a business and a email is sent to you with the message. Second, the phone system deletes the message from the voicemail box, consequently, emptying voicemail box for you. You can have a cell phone to receive emails and listen to the messages. Noteworthy, most mobile phones and laptops come standard with the required equipment, as a result, most clients have the required equipment. Client needs to refer to their IT resources for any assistance.


Live Answering - FAQ

Live Answering, Receptionist ServicesThis FAQ section is to help our website visitors get quick answers to many common questions. We have been providing Virtual Office: Business Address, Mail Service and Phone Answering since 2007. After years of business and thousands of clients both in Las Vegas, NV and New York City our company BSSI Virtual Office has a wide spectrum of experience.

Our sales a support team is always available to speak about our services. We believe that answering the phone is a very important daily commitment. To sum up, our staff understands how prospects and clients value a staff that answers the phone. Once we answer the phone we listen to concerns and provide answers to questions.

We encourage anyone interested in a virtual office to read through the below information by using our All Questions tab or drill down using the other categories. Virtual Offices, Live Answering, Auto Answering and Support categories are created to simplify your experience. We are very passionate about we we do; as a result, and have achieved an BBBA+ Rating. If you have any further questions that you do not find on the list please feel free to submit a questions or contact us.


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