Blue Sky Solutions Inc. (BSSI) stability is a stable company?

Blue Sky Solutions Inc. stability is rock solid since it founding. Blu Sky Solutions Inc DBA BSSI Virtual Office has locations in Las Vegas and New York City. Since 2007 we have signed up thousands clients. Our management team has 15+ years experience in virtual office, business address solutions and receptionist services. The Customer Service staff is made up of dedicated professionals. We are proud that BSSI has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

BSSI Virtual Office Closes?

BSSI Virtual Office Closes for holidays and modified hours..
We send emails to clients as reminders. Feel free to contact us for more information.

New Years Day
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Presidents Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veterans Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
Fridays prior to a 3 day holiday weekend
Good Friday
Wednesday before Thanksgiving
Friday after Thanksgiving
Christmas Eve
New Years Eve

I have changed my company name. How do we update the agreement and account?

Clients must send proper documentation through email; in addition, any change to their account must be in writing. That’s is how you update your agreement and my account. Proper documentation is a Fictitious Name or Secretary of State filed forms. Lastly, our company is not responsible for any services being performed by any other individuals or entities except named in the Agreement.

If I terminate services, do I keep the assigned phone number?

Customers purchase the right to use telephone numbers through our service agreement. BSSI phone numbers are assigned to customers but are property of the phone service provider. The customer account must be active for them to have rights to the assigned phone number.

What are the additional charges I should be aware of?

Administration charges may occur when reviewing or handling of mail occurs. Meaning, if the staff has to do additional work then agreed upon then an additional cost may apply. When the pay-per-call bundle amounts are surpassed additional fees apply. Lastly, international long-distance connection fees will be applied. Onsite faculties such as copy machine and meeting space will have charges incurred. When it comes to our business we don’t believe in hidden charges. You will always be aware of charges when it comes to our agreement. Here are links to view our BBB A+ Rating and to contact us.

What forms of payments accepted?

Cash and Checks or not accepted, in addition, all customers are part of our automatic monthly credit card payments. The 1st of the month all credit card payments are charged. Major credit cards are only forms of payments accepted for service fees.

What is an eFax number?

This service provides fax communication through email. A fax is sent to a customers’ assigned fax number; as a result, this service creates a PDF document of the fax. Finally, the PDF document is emailed to the customer.

What is required to setup service quickly? What are the setup fees? How long does it take to have my services live and ready for use?

Please complete and return the Service Agreement and USPS Form 1583. In addition, along with appropriate photo ID’s. Further, a credit card will be required to for automatic recurring billing. When your information is received, the package is setup and first month’s monthly service fee will be charged. Importantly, a minimum of 48 business hours is required for a Virtual Office setup. Most often your package will be set up within 24 hours. We will send emails to your account status.


Support - FAQ

Support, Technical SupportThis FAQ section is to help our website visitors get quick answers to many common questions. We have been providing Virtual Office: Business Address, Mail Service and Phone Answering since 2007. After years of business and thousands of clients both in Las Vegas, NV and New York City, our company BSSI Virtual Office has a wide spectrum of experience.

Our sales a support team is always available to speak about our services. We believe that answering the phone is a very important daily commitment. To sum up, our staff understands how prospects and clients value a staff that answers the phone. Once we answer the phone we listen to concerns and provide answers to questions.

We encourage anyone interested in a virtual office to read through the below information by using our All Questions tab or drill down using the other categories. Virtual Offices, Live Answering, Auto Answering and Support categories are created to simplify your experience. We are very passionate about we we do; as a result, and have achieved an BBB A+ Rating. If you have any further questions that you do not find on the list please feel free to submit a questions or contact us.


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