BSSI Virtual Office New York City

How to purchase a NYC business address
Virtual Offices in Las Vegas
Virtual Office Las Vegas

Just West of the Strip

This location provides Drive-Thru Mail Pickup. Centrally located in Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Virtual Offices in NYC, NY
Virtual Office NYC

Directly Across from
Empire State Building

A business center in midtown Manhattan on 5th Avenue steps to the Empire State Building.

Virtual Offices in New York City
Virtual Offices NYC

The Graybar Building at Grand Central offers clients an = prestigious corporate business address.

Virtual Office NYC Address - BSSI Virtual OfficeBSSI Virtual Office
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Why a New York City Business Address?

A New York City Business Address is one of the most sort after locations in the world. It's New York City which is the city that never sleeps. From Wall Street to Lexington Ave the city is full of business opportunities for start up or expanding businesses. More then 10 million people in the city and many more in the tri-state area. Having a business address in New York City can be expansive but when using a Virtual Office business address you can lower your costs dramatically.

What is New York City Business Address?

A New York City business address, is a virtual mailing address or a business address which are the same and can be acquired at the BSSI New York City office locations. This office is a physical space located in a prime location. A New York City business address can be used by most working professionals from anywhere in the world. You can be in London and doing business in New York City by using a virtual address.

A New York City Business Address can be used by an on the go working professional that needs an address for all their mail; or a home-based business that they want to keep private. Also, a business that is expanding to New York City might want to attain a work address in the heart of the big apple. The New York City business address is purchased through the BSSI Virtual Office Identity package.

What can a New York City business address be used for?

A New York City business address can create a great first impression for visitors that may come knocking for your company. The address can be put onto your business cards, legal paperwork, marketing collateral, and any online marketing such as email campaigns, social media, or websites. The address location will have representatives assisting you with your mail. After you are notified of what mail has arrived for you then it can be forwarded by mail to you, or you can simply pop by the location to pick-up the mail.

Having your mail scanned and emailed to you no matter where you are in the world is a great option to quickly understand what you received.

How much does a New York City business address cost?

BSSI offers a virtual address by the name of Business Address in our basic Virtual Office Package called the Identity. In New York City the Identity package including the virtual address cost is twenty-nine dollars ($29) monthly; and in las Vegas the same package is provided for thirty-nine dollars ($39) monthly. With you not having to rent an office space in either city you will be saving a lot of money that can be used for other business initiatives.

Can I add services to my virtual mailing address?

The virtual address is sold as the identity package at all BSSI Virtual Offices locations. It is one of four packages available. The packages are built using the building block method. First is the Identity, then the Starter, then the Pro, and Pro Plus. are the services that you will see in these packages

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