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Call ahead when picking up your mail in Las Vegas and use our drive-thru mail pickup.
*Only available using the virtual business address at the Las Vegas location.


Physical Mailing Address Vegas, PHYSICAL MAILING ADDRESS VEGAS
Virtual Office Las Vegas

Just West of the Strip

Physical Mailing Address Vegas, PHYSICAL MAILING ADDRESS VEGAS
Virtual Office NYC

Directly Across from
Empire State Building

Physical Mailing Address Vegas, PHYSICAL MAILING ADDRESS VEGASVirtual Office
Founded 2007

BBB A+ Rating
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First, BSSI Virtual Office has locations in New York City and Las Vegas and was founded in 2007. Secondly, the company has a BBB A+ Accredited Business Rating; moreover, an award winning staff. Thirdly, we have been providing the physical mailing address service since we were founded more then 15 years ago. Our physical mailing addresses are 3651 Lindell Road, Las Vegas NV 89103 and 347 5th Avenue New York, NY 10016. In addition, our physical locations come with courier package receipt, mail receiving, mail pickup and we are a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency registered with the USPS.

Lastly, we offer larger packages that include; mail scan sent via email, local phone number, voicemail to email, live phone answering message-taking and call screening; and more.

What is a physical mailing address Las Vegas?

To clarify, a physical mailing address, virtual address, virtual mailing address, and business address are all the same. Moreover, these addresses are actual street address that you and your clients can visit. They come with a receptionist and a staff.

In addition, these Las Vegas and New York City addresses are part of Virtual Office package. BSSI Virtual Offices provides an Identity package that includes the physical mailing address. Once purchased the address can be used by most start-up and expanding business from around the globe.

Importantly, a physical mailing address can be used by a home-based business or a person on the go and traveling from town to town. Lastly, a company looking to expand to new locations can also use the physical mailing address

What can a physical mailing address Las Vegas be used for?

A physical mailing address is not a PO Box, as mentioned above the address can be provided through the BSSI Virtual Office Identity package. These business address centers are staffed with a receptionist and can receive all types of mail carriers. To clarify, including but not limited to Amazon, FedEx, DHL, UPS, and USPS.

A physical mailing address should create a great first impression with a receptionist for you and your customers. Most locations come with a conference room and business center if you choose to meet your clients onsite. Use the prime location physical mailing address for all company literature such as your business cards, legal paperwork, marketing collateral, and any online marketing such as email campaigns, social media, or websites.

The physical mailing address location has a mail room with service providers to alert you of your mail. Once alerted through email, they can send the mail to you through USPS or overnight express. Importantly, you can pick up your mail at the office location. Lastly, you can add the standard or premium mail scan which if you wish the mail can be scanned and sent to you via email. So no matter where you are in the world you can access your mail.

How much does a physical mailing address Las Vegas cost?

BSSI offers a physical mailing address in Las Vegas which is called the Business Address. This business address is in our Virtual Office Identity Package. This Las Vegas Virtual Office Identity package cost is thirty-nine dollars ($39) monthly.

Can I add services to my physical mailing address Las Vegas?

Yes, other business services are available in our packages and as add-on services.

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