When your mail arrives our staff alerts you. With Standard Mail Scan we send your mail envelope covers via email in a document.

Add mail scan service and email notifications of your received mail items will be sent for you to identify what you received. . Mail scan service is a visual representation of your mailbox and allows you to prioritize the contents; minimize trips to the office; and decrease forwarding costs.

We have been in business since 2007 and are a Accredited BBB A+ Rated business. We have services thousands of clients throughout the years and will stand by our reputation.

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When you are ready to add a phone answering service we offer phone answering options!

You will receive a number for your business and choose whether you want auto or live receptionist.

Our live receptionists will take messages to forward to you or screen the call and announce it to you. When we announce a call you will have the ability to choose to take the call,  send to someone else, or send to voicemail. 

Here are some features:

Automated Attendant, with Dialing Options

Calls are answered and the attendant offers callers  routing choices.

Custom Greeting

All live & auto answering services include a human-recorded greeting customized for your business.

Voicemail to Email

Your caller’s voicemail message is converted to an audio file and emailed to you; consequently, giving you immediate access to messages.

Text Message Notification

Receive messages and alerts via text after that you can choose to call them immediately or respond later.

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Drive-Thru Mail Pick Up LV*

When picking up your mail in Las Vegas you have the option of using our drive-thru mail pickup. Call ahead to be sure your mail is ready; and your mail will be waiting for you. *Only available at the Las Vegas location.



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