What is a Virtual Office and Why Do I Need One?

A Virtual Office (VO) provides businesses a physical address and other office-related services, without the overhead costs that are attached to a long lease, maintenance, and administrative staff. With a VO, employees can work remotely and still maintain the benefits of a mailing address, mail and package receiving, phone services, and more. According to Investopedia, VO services operate as one unit, serving their customers who don't necessarily need to work from a central location. 

This type of service is especially popular with startups that look to minimize their overhead by as much as possible. A virtual office setup can also help increase productivity and time effectiveness. As employees can work from home or other remote areas, they are freed of office administration tasks and long commutes to and from work. Each employee is free to work from any convenient location, while the business is not restricted to tapping into only its local talent pool. 

Due in part to the rise of telecommuting, as well as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the benefits of remote work and, by extension, those of a virtual office, are becoming increasingly noticeable. 

Who Will Benefit from a Virtual Office?

A virtual office's flexibility and versatility, in terms of the benefits and services that it offers, means that companies and professionals can grow and expand without having to spend too much on overhead. Those who can benefit the most from a virtual office address are: 

  • Entrepreneurs and early-stage startups that don't want to or can't use their home address or personal phone number to conduct their business. 
  • Various professionals who usually work at their clients' offices but still need to maintain an independent marketing identity and mailing address. 
  • Businesses looking to expand into new markets, cities, or countries but don't actually need "boots on the ground.”
  • Companies that want to serve in different locations but need to show their interest in the area before they can acquire new business. 
  • Professionals that need a full-time receptionist who can take calls, receive and forward mail, etc., but don't want to handle the expense or hassle of hiring someone for this role. 
  • Pretty much anyone who wants to have a mailing address in a prominent and well-known commercial district. 

Why a Virtual Office?

There are two main advantages when using a virtual office. Firstly, the monthly cost of a VO is far lower than that of a traditional office. There are no maintenance, staffing, or upkeep costs. Likewise, a short-term agreement can be secured, meaning that you have a much greater level of flexibility. Secondly, a virtual office will provide you with additional services, such as a virtual receptionist, mailing services, and more. Therefore, small businesses can appear larger than they are. They can get one or more addresses in different locations, lending an aura of prestige, especially if the VO is located in a well-known commercial district. 

BSSI Virtual Office has more than a decade of experience in the industry, and we are dedicated to helping all of our clients get the most for their business. When you are ready to set up your virtual office address, contact BSSI!

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