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Why mailbox forwarding in NYC?

Mailbox Forwarding NYC is a great service simply because clients do not need to travel to our offices. Without having to travel you aren’t incurring any travel expenses. Also, not traveling to our offices saves quite a bit of time that you can focus on money making activities. Mail forwarding for your NYC Virtual Office is very important if you’re not located near NYC. A lot of our clients are located out of New York City and in many cases much too far away to travel to our offices.

What is mailbox forwarding NYC?

Mailbox forwarding in NYC is a great service for the start-up or expanding business. Having this service will allow your mail to be handled for you. First your mail will be received by our office reception so you don’t need to be there. Especially couriers that need to have a signature and we can handle that for you too. We will then send you an email notification to alert you to your mail receipt. We have a mail forwarding schedule process you will have approved when signing up. you can designate whether to use the USPS or Couriers when having your mail forwarded.

Unlimited mail shredding is available as well.

You also receive unlimited mail shredding service.

How much does a mailbox forwarding in NYC cost?

The only way to have mailbox forwarding is to have a business address service. BSSI Virtual Office has a package with the business address and mail service included for clients. The package in New York, NY has a cost of twenty-nine dollars ($29) monthly.

Is my mail secure?

Your mail is handled only by BSSI staff which allows us to keep it very secure for you. The mail is kept in a secure place till picked up by you or disposed of through our shredding process. As a Commercial Mail Receiving Agent (CMRA) that is registered with the USPS we take your mail very serious. 

To be able to receive your mail for you, we are required to have you complete a USPS FORM 1583. This form must get notarized. It’s so simple to do using our online notary service!

Can I add services to my mailbox forwarding NYC?

Yes, We have a plethora of services available both in our packages and as add-on services. Below are some of the services available.


What are your business’ needs?


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