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Do you have a startup company and work from home?

Did you recently expand your enterprise and work remotely with your team?

If this sounds like your business, you are not alone. In fact, you’ve got plenty of company because you are part of a growing market of businesses that just doesn’t need a full-time brick and mortar presence. In this world, the value placed on productivity and employee work ethic is of highest levels, but not on the the physical location or being in an office 8 hours a day. This is a world that does need an office address and phone number, but not the physical walls or even a landline. Welcome to the accessible, Global Virtual Office Revolution!

Bye-Bye Physical Office and the Long Commute

More than half of the current workforce will work remotely by 2020. That was the projection by the 2014 London Business School’s Global Leadership Summit. As a result, at least half of office staffers will work from non-conventional offices. Noteworthy is what The London Business School’s Director, Adam Kingl, said, “Leaders are learning how to enable their teams to flourish…traditional 9-5, Monday-Friday, commute-to-the-office job is quickly eroding.”

Global Virtual Office Benefits

Furthermore, going from a physical office to a virtual office has been made simpler not only by technology, but in how easy it is to get it and use it. Certainly, a smart phone can just about run an entire business. Almost every 6 year old child I know can use a cell phone and apps. Noteworthy is the Gallup Report that shows employees working remotely over the last five years on a steady uptick. It’s a win-win for both Employers and Employees. Employers save money on rent expenses and employees tend to improve the quality of partnerships, collaboration and intercommunication as a result of working remotely. These benefits influence all industries, from financing and insurance to manufacturing and construction.

Freedom and Flexibility

More than a third of the American workforce is currently freelancing. Employees want the freedom to empower themselves and the flexibility of venues and scheduling. Employers like the ability to scale up and down as the business need arises. A study by UpWork shows that half of the freelance workforce would not go back to a traditional job, no matter how much pay they were offered. Furthermore, freelancers as a whole were found to be more engaged in their work than their traditional W2 counterpart.

The Global Virtual Office Revolution is alive and well

I witness virtual office service benefits on a daily basis at my workplace, BSSI Virtual Office:

  • Business growth, and
  • Business owners having improved control of how their time is spent

just to name a couple! Because the Management team at BSSI has a decade of experience in the Virtual Office industry, the services offered and the packages structure are as ideal for startups as they are for expanding companies. Hence, I am learning firsthand what a flourishing market the Virtual Office space is globally. I work with local plumbers to real estate agents to attorneys to consultants and financial advisers half way around the world.

Global Virtual Office Services

Shout out to the Professionals out there! Seems like all should prepare for the virtual office revolution. BSSI offers Virtual Offices in Las Vegas, Nevada and New York, New York. Read more about the services on this web site. Learn just how a business address; mail receiving; mail forwarding; and phone answering services can help your startup or enterprise.


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