Virtual. A Reality.

Where do you do business? Where do you work? The Virtual Office is a suite of services delivered to you anywhere, as a result, times have changed, so has the white-collar industry. If you do not have a Virtual Office consequently most companies find challenges when it comes to administrative, financial and legitimacy. However, a reputable virtual office service such as BSSI Virtual Office can open the door to endless opportunity and growth for your company. The advantages of a virtual office are professional:

  • Business address
  • Mail handling
  • Phone servicing

Virtual Service Business Address

Above all, a professional business address is provided and consequently, a professional business address maintains the well-qualified image for your customer. As a result you feel confident with and secure in your business. At your BSSI professional address, there is a representative that will serve as your receptionist and greet your customers during normal business hours. Most of all when you’re not there. Several of our locations have meeting room facilities therefore you can meet your customers when necessary.

Mail Handling

Mail handling plays a vital role in conveying your company’s professional appearance. Therefore, a USPS-registered Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA) such as BSSI Virtual Office processes your business mail in a secure and confidential manner. We accept packages and emails for you which assures your mail is handled properly and professionally. Very noteworthy, we offer scan services to provide unlimited access to your mail. We offer a numerous of mail forwarding options, to be certain, to fit the frequency and method your company needs.

Phone Service

BSSI Virtual Office offers phone services with customer service options to maintain a great customer experience. BSSI helps you establish a private local telephone number, preserving your local presence as a result you have the flexibility to travel. Therefore when you’re out in the field, you can still take care of business. Options include:

  • Have your customers call your assigned number and directly forward it to your cell phone.
  • Have a live receptionist take messages and email them to you.
  • Get calls screened and transferred to you or associate(s)

Furthermore, phone services may also include our sending your voicemails to your email inbox. Which allows you to have all voicemail messages at your fingertips.

Virtual Service Reality

As a business owner you want your company to have the upper-hand; and a virtual office’s features and benefits are designed to give your company an edge above the rest. Providing the peace of mind that your professional presence is maintained on all platforms, from phone handling and mail servicing, to providing a professional address to service and work with your clients. In business, the only constant is change. With the competitive advantages of BSSI’s virtual office services, your company is ready for whatever changes life may bring.

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