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Ways A Virtual Office Can Help Your Business

In this rapidly changing business environment, the workplace is also evolving at a quick pace. Many companies have been thriving from remote work, paving the way for the concept of virtual offices (VOs). To put it simply, a virtual office provides organizations with a wide range of services that provide most of the benefits of…
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How To Switch From A Traditional Office To A Virtual Office

Transitioning from a traditional brick-and-mortar office to a virtual one is an excellent way of saving resources and expanding your professional network and flexibility at the same time. However, you will need to know how to streamline this switch to ensure a successful transition. One silver lining that the current COVID-19 pandemic has provided is…
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Benefits of Virtual Offices During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Within the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic, federal and state regulations are regularly changing. This makes it difficult for companies to best forecast their operations and resources. In response, many businesses are allowing their employees to work remotely. Fortunately, virtual offices can help in this regard by providing an alternative to the traditional office location.…
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Guidelines for representing your business on Google

As a business owner client contact, support and service are priority. Google Maps is the best way to reach your customer base. This can be challenging with Google’s requirements for verification always changing. Our Las Vegas and New York marketing teams have complied some suggestions on applying Google’s standards to verify your virtual office. If…
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Advantages of a Virtual Office

Virtual. A Reality. Where do you do business? Where do you work? The Virtual Office is a suite of services delivered to you anywhere, as a result, times have changed, so has the white-collar industry. If you do not have a Virtual Office consequently most companies find challenges when it comes to administrative, financial and…
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Seasons Greetings

Thank you to our customers for a successful 2017

Most of all the BSSI team wishes you joy and prosperity in the New Year! BSSI. Your Virtual Office and Reception Services Specialists since 2007. Mailing Address; Mail Services; Live Receptionists; Meeting and Conference Rooms; and a new Website Builder Platform are provided by our BSSI NYC and Las Vegas locations. Call Us: 888-909-2774