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The Difference Between Cheap And Cost-Effective Virtual Offices

Virtual Offices (VOs) represent business professionals and organizations. To put it simply, they are part of the so-called flexible workplace industry. Virtual Offices provide businesses and entrepreneurs with a combination of services. Users of VO’s see a significant release from financial burdens, which they often do when they own or lease a traditional office. 

A virtual office should offer an address that functions as the official correspondence address for the organization. This is much less expensive than actually having to rent or purchase a physical office space. Virtual offices allow you to receive mail, as well as publish that address on any form of communication. Publish on such as email signatures, websites, letterheads, packages, or other forms of printed material. 

Virtual offices are an excellent option for startups that don’t want to use their home address as business location. After all, a commercial address projects more professionalism and reliability. All because a company provides a VO, this doesn’t mean it provides you with  benefits or quality of service

Cheap vs. Cost-Effective Virtual Offices

When talking about cheap, we are referring to a low budget price. A cheap virtual office space might seem like an ideal option at first. However, there could be potential risks such as undesirable address locations, poor service quality, or missed business opportunities that you may be exposing yourself to unnecessarily. The cost-effective alternative focuses more on whether the service value is something that you can afford. If the services provided by the virtual office will help you run your business better, get more customers, improve customer experience and brand value, the benefits will far outweigh the investment. 

You will come to realize that paying a little extra may actually be well worth the investment. So, what type of services can you expect from a cost-effective VO?

 Service Integrity
  • The Location – There’s a huge difference having your official business address listed on Fifth Avenue in NYC or in close proximity to the Las Vegas Strip and having it somewhere on the outskirts of town. A prestigious address you will immediately establish legitimacy for your operation. Keep in mind that many cheap VOs will set up shop pretty much anywhere they can afford. 
  • Mail Service – Professional virtual offices receive and store your mail securely. They will also sign for and forward your mail. Less professional VOs may let your mail pile up uncared for, and you will end up waiting for it. This can mean a lot of missed business opportunities. 
  • On-Site Live Administration – A quality virtual offices also provide live administration on-site during business hours. This means that you will receive your mail but and meet, greet and take messages from your visitors. How big of a hit would your credibility take if an important client should decide to pay you a visit, and there is nobody there to greet them? 
  • Virtual Receptionist – By having a trained receptionist to take your phone calls, you will be freed up to handle more pressing tasks or travel without missing any inbound calls. Voicemails can even be forwarded to your email, which allows you to listen to them while on the go. While even the self-proclaimed “cheap” virtual offices may have similar phone answering services, professional onsite staff is essential to providing impressive customer service. 

Superior Value And Service

The cheapest option on the market may feel like a good idea but, in most cases, it will only end up costing you more in terms of poor quality service and many missed business opportunities. It pays to find a reliable and professional virtual office that understands your needs and works with you as part of the team. BSSI Virtual Office will be there to see your company grow and expand. 

We have more than a decade of experience in the industry and are A+ accredited with the BBB.  Most of all, we are prepared to help you see your business rise to the highest levels of success. If you want to set up your business address in a highly-professional and well-received location and get the highest-quality that VOs have to offer at the best possible prices, contact us today!

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