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Las Vegas Drive-Thru Mail Pickup*

Call ahead when picking up your mail in Las Vegas and use our drive-thru mail pickup. *Only available using the virtual business address at the Las Vegas location.


Mail Forwarding Las Vegas, MAIL FORWARDING
Virtual Office Las Vegas

Just West of the Strip

Mail Forwarding Las Vegas, MAIL FORWARDING
Virtual Office NYC

Directly Across from
Empire State Building

Mail Forwarding Las Vegas, MAIL FORWARDINGVirtual Office
Founded 2007

BBB A+ Rating.

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Why BSSI Virtual Office?

BSSI Virtual Office has been providing mailbox forwarding since 2007 and has a BBB A+ Rating. Our award winning staff are some of the best mail service providers in the industry. Our company is a CMRA – Commercial Mail Receiving Agent of the United States Postal service. BSSI Virtual Office mail forwarding is on a set schedule. We also use various mail forwarding methods such as; USPS first class to priority services and also third party couriers such as; Fedex and UPS. Lastly, provide a service called Mail Scan where we email a PDF file containing your mailbox contents.

What is mail forwarding?

Mailbox forwarding is one of numerous mailroom services provided when purchasing a business address. Mail services are unique to each provider but mail receiving, and mail forwarding is standard to all providers. BSSI Virtual Office will send you an email notifying you whenever you have mail. You should have a scheduled forwarding process in place, or the mail can be scanned and emailed to you. We can use USPS or Couriers when having mail forwarded to you. 

When using the Standard mail scanning service, you will see the envelope covers in the PDF emailed to you. When using Premium mail scanning service, you will see the contents within the envelope and the envelope covers. Unlimited mail shredding is available as well.

How much does mail forwarding cost?

BSSI Virtual Offices provides a mailing address in our basic package called the identity. The mail forwarding is included in that package. In New York City the Identity package including the mailing address is twenty-nine dollars ($29) monthly. In Las Vegas, the same package is provided for thirty-nine dollars (39) monthly.

Is your mail secure?

All mail is handled by our staff and filed in a secure space until either picked up by the client or shredded to assure proper disposal. We are a Commercial Mail Receiving Agent (CMRA) registered with the United States Postal Service. To receive mail on your behalf, we are required to have a USPS FORM 1583 completed and notarized by clients. It’s so simple to do using our online notary service!



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