New York City and Las Vegas

Las Vegas Drive-Thru Mail Pickup*

Call ahead when picking up your mail in Las Vegas and use our drive-thru mail pickup. *Only available using the virtual business address at the Las Vegas location.


Virtual Business Address, VIRTUAL BUSINESS ADDRESS
Virtual Office Las Vegas

Just West of the Strip

Virtual Business Address, VIRTUAL BUSINESS ADDRESS
Virtual Office NYC

Directly Across from
Empire State Building

Virtual Business Address, VIRTUAL BUSINESS ADDRESS  Virtual Business Address
Founded 2007

BBB A+ Rating 

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What is a virtual business address?

A BSSI virtual business address is also known as a business address. BSSI Virtual Offices offers a Identity package that includes the business address. The virtual business address is a physical address that is used by start up and expanding businesses. It’s a great way to get an office address without a major price tag.

What can a virtual business address be used for?

This address will provide a very professional first impression. Use your virtual address for your LLC and corporate documents, websites, flyers, and business cards. Furthermore, it comes with a mail receiving service. Mail can be picked up or forwarded to you. We receive mail from couriers such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, and Amazon. Whether you are working from home, on the road, or have an internet-based business a virtual business address could work for you.

How much does a virtual business address cost?

This address is offered by BSSI Virtual Office as a business address and is part of the Identity package. In New York City the identity package is twenty-nine ($29) monthly. A Las Vegas, Nevada Identity package is thirty-nine dollars ($39) monthly.

Can I add Services to my virtual business address?

Yes, we have bundled packages and add-on ala carte services available.


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