Within the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic, federal and state regulations are regularly changing. This makes it difficult for companies to best forecast their operations and resources. In response, many businesses are allowing their employees to work remotely.

Fortunately, virtual offices can help in this regard by providing an alternative to the traditional office location. Companies can still take advantage of the same services and technology of operating a business within a physical office. Firstly, among these services are business address for mail service and business identity. Secondly, are mail pickup and forwarding. Thirdly, is , courier package receipt and finally,  phone call routing services.

There are also several other major benefits of having a virtual office. In terms of operating a business during a virus outbreak. These will include some of the following:

Major Benefits of a Virtual Office During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The entirety of the business sector is facing challenges with the current COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, this current outbreak can also provide a silver lining. That is how entrepreneurs can better protect themselves during similar situations. By making use of virtual offices, companies can:

  • Avoid Any Unnecessary Physical Contact – With employees working remotely, the need for any physical contact will be kept at a minimum. This will also reduce the risk of virus transmission between team members. also, between employees and customers.
  • Eliminate the Commute – The daily commute to-and-from work can expose yourself and your employees to the risk of contamination. However, with a virtual office, the telecommute will not pose any of these risks.
  • Prevent any Work Interruptions – With the use of a virtual office, companies can stay ahead of any future outbreaks and continue functioning without any major disruptions. You can still keep in contact with client phone calls at your regular business phone number, receive mail and packages at the virtual office’s address, and keep the revenue stream coming at a time when others may be struggling to keep even their most basic operations going.
  • Cost Savings – Using a virtual office instead of a physical one will bring with it several cost-saving benefits. It will eliminate existing overhead costs in terms of the office lease, equipment, repairs, insurance, furniture, utilities, as well as office-specific staff such as reception. While these cost-effective benefits are welcome under normal circumstances, they become even more important during a pandemic.


With more and more experts saying that the current measures in place surrounding the coronavirus pandemic are the new normal and that there are slim chances of going back to exactly how things were before, telecommuting is on the rise. In response, the need for virtual offices has never been higher. Taking the necessary steps to provide both your clients and employees to operate in a safe environment and away from the risk of contamination is a benefit in and of itself.

As a business owner, you want your organization to have the upper hand and an edge over your competition. By maintaining your professional presence on all means of communication, without the risk of contracting the virus, will help you achieve just that. With the many competitive advantages that virtual office services offer, your organization can be more efficient in managing not only the current pandemic, but also what may follow. Contact BSSI Virtual Office today to set up your virtual office.

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