New York City and Las Vegas

Las Vegas Drive-Thru Mail Pickup*

Call ahead when picking up your mail in Las Vegas and use our drive-thru mail pickup. *Only available using the virtual business address at the Las Vegas location.


Virtual Mailing Address, VIRTUAL MAILING ADDRESS
Virtual Office Las Vegas

Just West of the Strip

Virtual Mailing Address, VIRTUAL MAILING ADDRESS
Virtual Office NYC

Directly Across from
Empire State Building

Virtual Mailing Address, VIRTUAL MAILING ADDRESSVirtual Office
Founded 2007

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What is a virtual mailing address?

A virtual mailing address is usually provided with mail service. A virtual office service provider can use the names of business address, physical address or mailing address. The names are usually all the same service. It is a corporate address to use for your business and mail service. When purchasing a business address phone answering can become part of the package. A home based business, a traveling professional, and most startups or expanding businesses can use a virtual mailing address.

What can a virtual mailing address be used for?

A virtual business address creates a professional image and keeps your home address private from clients. You will use the virtual business address for corporate paperwork, business cards, marketing initiatives and websites. You can have your mail forwarded to you using USPS or Courier mail services; or you can come into the office to pick-up mail. Having your mail scanned and emailed to you no matter where you are in the world is a great option to quickly understand what you received. A virtual mailbox which is an online private account for storage of your mail can also be very handy.

How much does a virtual mailing address cost?

A virtual mailing address is a physical address without the cost associated if you did it yourself. BSSI offers a virtual mailing address by the name of business address in our Identity virtual office package. Fist, is New York City for thirty-nine dollars ($29) monthly. Second, in Las Vegas, Nevada for twenty-nine dollars ($39) monthly.

Can I add services to my virtual mailing address?

The virtual mailing address (business address) is one of many virtual office services that BSSI Virtual Office has available.



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